Apply For Permit

Due to the current Covid 19 virus situation, our office is now temporarily closed and we are not processing any new permit applications or renewals. Any existing permit issued by Wing Parking that has expired since 16 March 2020 will be automatically extended until 30 June 2020 and we ask that you do not submit any renewal application until nearer that time. In the meantime, all on site enforcement for sites where we issue permits is currently suspended. 

Permit application for the following clients / sites will re-commence as follows:

London Borough of Brent - Wednesday 24 June (Enforcement recommencing 3 August)

Hyde Group (Islington) - Tuesday 23 June (Enforcement recommencing 6 July)

Hyde Group (Stockwell) - Tuesday 23 June (Enforcement recommencing 6 July)

Thorlands HMS - Wednesday 24 June (Enforcement recommencing 20 July)

All other clients / sites do not have recommencement dates agreed.


To apply for your permit online, click the start Application below.

If this is a new application for your property or vehicle, you will be required to attach and upload supporting documents as proof of address and vehicle ownership.

e.g Utility bill/bank statement/rent statement to prove residence, and for each residential permit application, please attach the V5C registration document, insurance, tax, MOT, etc as applicable. Before proceeding with yuor application, please ensure that you have carefully read the full application instructions for your specific location so that you know exactly what documentation you need to provide. Different locations will require different documentation. If you are unsure of what documentation you need to provide, please click here to return to the instructions for your location beofree proceeding.